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Merceri food & drink was launched in June 2021 in the Acropolis area, in what is considered the heart of the Athens historic center. Our culinary mission is to remain close to the authentic Greek flavors whilst drawing inspirational influences from the nearby vibrant Thissio area.
Located in the picturesque Heraklidon pedestrian alley, traditional recipes made with the finest products uphold the modern Greek cuisine and create a new perception of the uniqueness of its taste in the contemporary Athenian food & drink scene.

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The Merceri Experience

The menu

Merceri food & drink creations are ensigned by the uniqueness of both talented chefs Melina Chomata and Maria Dioudi, who uplift the simplest of dishes to rare gastronomic proposals using pure ingredients, impeccable techniques and a lot of creativity.
The structure of the menu provides the flexibility to create custom tasteful experiences, while the composition of the wine list, connects the seasonal flavours of the menu and incorporates listings from vineyards from all over Greece which enables the harmonic pairing of food and drink.

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Our space

Our open kitchen plan allows the direct visual contact of our guests with the chefs, giving rise to a creative interaction, in which the connection brings the inspiration and the inspiration brings the creation.

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